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Magnificent sceneries, refreshing natural areas, wildlife, water activities, cultural identity. Where? On the unique slopes of the valley of river Douro, lined with the grapes, learn how to make some of the best wines in the world. 

At the National Park Peneda-Gerês, part of the Reserve of Biodiversity, mingle with nature in some of the purest ways. A commitment to sustainability.


WOW! This is so beautiful! 

How many of these places are there on planet Earth? Just a few of them, and some are located in the North of Portugal. The difficulty is to choose which one to visit first? 

Fortunately, you have Wide Portugal Services which can help you with that! 


TASTE AND STILL GET YOUR MOUTH WATERING! Portugal is a country rich in gastronomy. From north to south of the country you will find various types of dishes, sweet or savory, made with the widest variety of ingredients. 

The North of Portugal, is one of the areas with the largest variety of traditional dishes, all so different that they appeal to the most varied tastes.

From Caldo Verde (green cabbage soup), to Bacalhau (codfish cooked in countless ways), to Beef Steak Mirandesa style, and pudding Abade de Priscos.

From the coast to the interior: discover its flavors and get ready to want to taste it all!... with the perfect wine!


There are uncountable traditions & expressions of culture in the North of Portugal. 

From gastronomy to wine, handicrafts to music, popular festivals to pilgrimages, not to mention monuments and artistic creation, there are several reasons for you to visit this wonderful country. 

There is so much to see and do!

Examples of this diversity are the emblematic Rooster of Barcelos, in pottery, Filigree, a delicate form of jewellery, the religious parades in the summer, the House of Music, in Porto, the excellency of music internationally recognised, and the Bookshop Lello for the posts’ lovers.