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In the middle of the Atlantic, with a mild climate, lush landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, Madeira Island was nominated 6 times “Best Island Destination in the World” on the World Travel Awards.

Welcome to the island of some of the most impressive viewpoints! Cabo Girão, for example, is the highest in Europe, with 580m, has a glass platform, only for the bravest!
The “Island of the flowers” takes the name from the many beautiful flowers that can be seen all around.
Explore the “levadas”, a network of water cannals. There are 3.000km of Trails and the Forest of Laurel (Laurissilva) is Unesco Patrimony. In jeeps it’s possible to reach unbelievably beautiful sceneries.
The sea experience, as dolphin watching or paddling on the coast.
The typical houses of Santana represent 600 years of history together with several other monuments.
Museum CR7 honours the world known footballer Cristiano Ronaldo born on the island.


This is where you will find some of Europe's iconic, sophisticated and most famous accommodations, although there are also unavoidable options for nature lovers as super modern hotels!  


In Madeira the Forest of Laurel originated the Meat kebab in Laurel stick, while the Atlantic provides fresh fish as scabbard, black scabbard fish fillet with banana or the limpets, all delicious when grilled.

After dinner, try passion fruit pudding.
There are many different fruits with beautiful bright colors, not to mention the quantity of flowers!

At the Market dos Lavradores one can find a great variety and take ideas for the next meals, food and decoration!