THE alentejo region

strolls & cicling, surf & sports


On the coast

Deep in the countryside

It is part of a 750km network of hiking and biking trails divided into three main routes: The Historical Way, The Fishermen’s Trail and Circular Routes, to which is added the inimitable almost untouched seafront.

Towards the interior there is the valley of the river Guadiana, a rich biosphere region, beautiful water reservoirs that add different options as kayaking, during the day or night, hot air balloon riding or observation of the Iberian Lynx.

On the coast, Foto: @camarena33


There are many and varied options for accommodation in this region, from hotels, local, rural and ecotourism.

One thing is certain: deep in Alentejo one learns to slow down, to observe, enjoy and go within.

Deep in the countryside


The Alentejo food is one of the richest and most creative, full of aroma and taste! In a region where the soil is rough, we are not expecting to find one of the richest gastronomies in the country!

Based in simple ancient ingredients as the unique bread, lamb or pork, some growing in the wild, vegetables ripened in the sun, and local herbs perfect for the vegetarian food lovers. Table wines are among the most recognised internationally.
We have a must-try recipe to share with you!


Alentejo-style CHICKPEA/BEAN STEW.
Alentejo-style Dessert: SHEEP CURD CHEESE with ESTEVA BEE-HONEY & MINT


Alentejo culture is full of treasures. Blending with the locals is the best way to get to the heart of the authentic in this region! The Cante Alentejano is one of the most genuine and unique musical expressions in the world, sung in choir, and without using to musical instruments. It's worth listening to live!

The Vinho da Talha (amphora) is still special.

The People’s Festival in Campo Maior and its paper flowers’s decoration, the Montado, cork and all forms of its current use, Arraiolos’ carpets, the pottery of São Pedro do Corval and the Muslim heritage in Mértola.